COMING SOON! Becoming His Beloved: Journey into the Father's Affection

I love to write. I love the process of discovering, tweaking, and editing words. Like an adoring mother, I check on every infant story like its a baby, inspecting it multiple times a day to gaze at it, straightening a word here, caressing a phrase there.  Putting my story baby down is so difficult, but stories, like babies, need to rest (or is it me who needs a nap?). This forced separation gives me fresh eyes the next time I see my little one, allowing it to grow and mature. 

But the process of moving my manuscript from editing, formatting, and designing the book cover to printing and publishing has been a bit more daunting. Actually, its been VERY daunting. But isn't that the way of childbirth? Labor pains are excruciating  but we look forward with expectancy to the arrival of a healthy baby. So too, I am looking forward the birth of my first born book. 

So with a little anticipation, here is a sneak peek at Becoming His Beloved: Journey into the Father's Affection

Abandoned before birth by her father, raised by a mother with a mental disorder and indoctrinated into a cultic religion, Geneva was caught in a web of deceit and dread. In Becoming His Beloved,Geneva Chinnock takes the reader inside her world as she journeys from fear into the freedom of her true Father’s affection. Through honest, touching, and vulnerable short stories, Becoming His Beloved will offer hope to readers who ache for more of the Father’s embrace.

Finally, I want to share one special story with you. I had the chance to read it to a group last summer. You may even hear my voice crack a little. Enjoy!



GENEVA CHINNOCK is a writer and author of Becoming His Beloved: Journey into the Father’s Affection. Geneva has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master in Business Administration. In her spare time, Geneva loves reading, eating bacon and attending live theater. She lives in Southern California with her husband and blogs about matters of faith at