The Kingdom

Once upon a time, there was a great and loving King who ruled over a vast kingdom. One day, He decided to share the rule of his kingdom with his subjects so He created a grand and beautiful land. Being a wise monarch, He did not want to force his love or power on them, so He gave them a choice.  They could trust His love for them and rule His kingdom OR fall into the hands of the enemy.

 The King met with his people every day telling them of His love for them. One day, however, His enemy came and planted seeds of doubt into the subjects’ minds. “Is the King really good? Don’t you think He is holding out on you? You could be just like the King, you know.” The subjects were faced with a choice. Would they trust the King?

 Sadly, the enemy’s lies were believed and immediately became his captives. The King’s heart was broken when he found out. Those that he loved were now in the hands of his enemy. What could be done?  Was there a way to rescue his beloved subjects from the grip of the enemy?

 The King consulted with his Son and together they devised a plan to win back the hearts of his people. The rescue mission would take many years to accomplish and cost the King greatly, but the King and his Son agreed that this was the only way to free those He loved.

 Meanwhile the people lived under the enemy’s power. They had children and grandchildren and eventually populated the now crooked kingdom.

 Gone were the days of walking with the King.

 Gone were the days of the land being governed by love.

 Now, instead of ruling the domain as the King had wanted, they were subjected to a kingdom of darkness, pain and heartache. As captives of the enemy, many forgot about their loving ruler, yet the King never forgot them. He sent messengers to the subjects telling them about His plan to liberate them.

 While many people believed the message and looked forward to the rescue mission, others scoffed. The King continued to send other couriers telling the subjects how they would recognize His plan. Again many believed but many doubted.

Finally, the time came for the rescue. The King sent his Son into the enemy’s camp, disguised as one of the subjects. The Son lived among and loved them, just like the King had.  He showed them many signs that He had been sent by the King. Some people recognized that He was sent by the King to set them free, but many mocked Him.

 When the enemy learned that the Son was in his camp, he tried every scheme to kill the Son. And finally, inspired by the enemy, the subjects of the kingdom did the enemy’s bidding and killed the King’s Son.

 The enemy had won!

 Or so he thought…

 The enemy overlooked a secret. Hidden deep in the laws of the kingdom was a plan of redemption. It proclaimed that when a subject was guilty of a capital crime, a willing innocent relative could take the punishment in the offender’s place.

 This is what the Son did. By becoming one of the subjects and taking their punishment of death, the Son ransomed the guilty subjects from the hand of the enemy. As the Son was innocent, death had no hold him. After three days in the grave, the Son came back to life and returned to the King.

 Today, there are still those who believe the King. They believe that the King loved the subjects so much that He sent his Son to rescue the subjects out of the hand of his enemy. To those, the King gives a special gift—He gives them a kingdom heart. This kingdom heart is unique because it is ruled by love. It empowers the subjects to love the King and the Son as well as their fellow subjects of the kingdom.

 In addition, the King gives other gifts that strengthen the people of the Kingdom and help set the captives free.

 Finally, He gives His own authority to build the Kingdom.

 What will happen to this kingdom?

 One day very soon, the King will send his Son back to the kingdom to gather all those with kingdom hearts. They will celebrate with the Son for seven years at the home of the King. Then the Son will return with his subjects and retake the kingdom from the hands of His enemy.  

 The Son will conquer the enemy and after a millennial reign, He will banish him permanently. Those with kingdom hearts will rule the kingdom on the King’s behalf, just as it was intended in the beginning.

 The kingdom will be restored.

 All will be well.

 In the meantime, the kingdom remains under the power of the enemy.  He continues to lie about the goodness of the King and His Son in order to keep the people in darkness and bondage.  Truth, love and freedom have no part in the enemy’s land.

 But the King continues to proclaim his love to the captives, wooing them with his kindness. Those with kingdom hearts tell of the brilliant rescue done by the Son. They proclaim what the King has decreed: to be set free from the power of the enemy, one must call out to the King, believe that He sent his Son to rescue them, and accept his offer of freedom.  Then they will be free and will be reunited with the King forever!

 One question remains….

 Will you trust the King and accept His invitation?


GENEVA CHINNOCK is a writer and author of Becoming His Beloved: Journey into the Father’s Affection. Geneva has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master in Business Administration. In her spare time, Geneva loves reading, eating bacon and attending live theater. She lives in Southern California with her husband and blogs about matters of faith at 


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